Youth Fellowship

The Youth Fellowship arm of CHRIST HOLINESS CHRISTIAN MINISTRY comprises of all unmarried persons ranging from ages 13yrs above.

The Vision of the Youth Fellowship is to respond to the needs of youth for relationships, events, and opportunities where they can be themselves, discern their gifts, and be empowered to be effective leaders and servants as called by God to be the body of Christ in the world.

Our mission is to reach out to others by sharing the love and truth that God has revealed in Jesus Christ. We believe that God’s grace and mercy has the power to effect those who welcome it in their lives.

The fellowship is filled with series of activities we engage in, because one of the challenges at any youth fellowship is breaking the ice and allowing everyone to feel comfortable with the environment and getting to know one another.

These activities are the perfect way to break down any walls or apprehension and give everyone an opportunity to let their voice be heard. They give room for people’s guards to come down and relax so they are ready to receive in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere.

  • Annual Youth Program that comes up once every year
  • Organize Contests
  • Create Games
  • Encourage spiritual growth in our Sunday Bible school.

These and many more are the things we enjoy as a fellowship.we encourage you to be a part of us. GOD BLESS YOU.