When The Book Of Records Begin To Speak

February 5, 2017

When The Book Of Records Begin To Speak

Esther 6:1-10

God is a record keeping God. He never forget 1Cor.15:58

Nothing is hidden from Him 2Chron.16:9, Jere.32:19.

Every act done is a seed. Your prayers, wishes, deeds, thought of heart etc are all seed that germinate and bring harvest. Negative acts (seeds) bring negative harvest while positive acts(seeds) bring positive harvest.

Many are suffering under terrific curse today because of the negative acts that brings negative harvest to them. Gal.6:7.

Lessons from various acts in the Bible:

It is important to read life story of some bible characters and take heed to ourselves in order to avoid errors of the past.

Haman dug gallow for Mordecai in Esther 6:1-10, he entered it himself and his household in Esther7:9-10and David his arc-enemy was elevated.

God will use oneself enemy this year as a promoter of his or her destiny in Jesus precious name Amen.
Jacob supplanted his brother Esau in Gen.25:23-26, Laban also deceived him and changed his wages 10 times in Gen.31:7.

David killed Uriah and took his wife in 2Sam.11:16:17, Absalom chased him from the throne and went into his father’s concubine in the presence of all Israelites in 2Sam. 16:16-22. What an abomination!

Peter was bold to rebuked his master Jesus in Mark 8:31-32, he was equally rebuked by Apostle Paul in Gal.2:11-14.

Men & brethren, watch the type of seed you are showing now because what goes round comes round. Whatever you give to the day, is what the day will give back to you!

Watch your habits it will soon become your character and your character will eventually decide your future.

Haman, Jacob, David & Peter did not escape the consequences of their acts(seeds) d/4, no body is too smart enough to escape the consequences of his or her today without dealing with it in total repentance!

You did not obey the Lord with all your heart and you are complaining, my business is not growing, it will not grow rather it will keep groaning because you have invited the curse of God upon your business. Mal.3:8-10.

In Psalm121:4, God never sleep nor slumber not for good of every body BUT just to ensure that every one receive his or her due reward. That the bad people get back their bad and good people get back their good Revelation 22:11-12.

Prayers: Raise a cry of mercy unto the Lord and He will pardon Isaiah 55:7.
May your harvest be a good one in Jesus precious name Amen.

Rev. Victor Abba Daniel
Christ holiness Christian Ministry- Kaduna.

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