The significant of single eye & one master

February 19, 2017

The significant of single eye & one master

Human eyes are very important. It is the light of the body Matt. 6:22

The eyes are two but must focus on one thing at a time. They must of necessity agree to see one thing @ a time Matt. 6:22-24.

To do that, the eyes must be disciplined for them to focus at one direction at a time because in attempt to look up & down at the same time, you will experience gross darkness. Therefore, in attempt to look unto Jesus as the author & finisher of your faith and look at other optional helper at the same time makes you a double dealer and our Jealous

God will never take that from any one Exodus 20:5.
One of the three stages of sin that put man in problem is committed by misuse of eyes 1John 2:16, the “lust of the eye” Your eye must be disciplined like that of Job in Job 31:1 & that of David. To avoid further problems with his eyes, “David said, he will look unto the hills only from where his help cometh from. Ps 121:1.

Our eyes must be single. A single eye is eye that is focused, a focused eye is eye of concentration. Concentration is the ability to coordinate all faculties of one’s mind and directing their combined power to a specific end!

As a matter of fact, concentration is the FIRST Law of success as you can see in 2Kings 2:9-10. For Elisha to receive double portion of Elijah’s spirit, he must maintain single eye of concentration.

For Joshua to succeed after the death of Moses, he must be focused & stay on track.

Peter derailed because of his inability to maintain single eye. He looked at the circumstances of life and started drowning Matt 14:25-30.

An evil eye is the one that is not focused on the Lord Jesus alone for provision of needs and that will bring heavy darkness to one’s life. Matt 6:23.

Have one master! Your attention should not be divided when it comes to the service of God. In the days of Elijah, the Prophet, he challenged the people because of indecision 1kg 18:21. Joshua did the same thing to the people in Joshua 24:14-28. Men and brethren, you can’t serve God and mammon at the same time Matt. 6:24!

Make quality decision to maintain single eye and one master and experience unprecedented light and favour of God that will place you in your property place in destiny. Jesus is Lord!

Rev. Victor A Daniel.
Christ Holiness Christian Ministry- Kaduna.

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