The Cost Of True Fellowship And Eternal Reward.

March 26, 2017

The Cost Of True Fellowship And Eternal Reward.

The first message Jesus preached during His earthly ministry was message of Fellowship. Matt. 4:19. There is joy in true fellowship. Ps133:1-3, Heb.10:25.

What then is the fellowship?

The gathering together of people of like precious faith having things in common. Acts 2:41-44. If you said you are in fellowship, you should think about what you have in common with the people of God?

The apostles of old had every thing in common with other brethren. They share things to gether, pray together, Visit together Evangelised together etc and fear of God came upon every souls Acts 2:43.

Fellowship is not like the era of Philistine gaint where everybody wants to be a Champion.

It is not also politics were majority or those who can lie win political seats.

The slogan for true fellowship is “where you go, I will go” Ruth 1:15-17.

True fellowship is not easy. It takes every thing from you. Matt. 19:27.

Many do not pass the test of true fellowship. Lk.9:57-62, Matt. 10:37-38, Matt. 19:16-22.

Apostle Paul’s experience of true fellowship Gal.2:20, Phil.3:7, 12,14, 17-19.

Reward for True fellowship.

Matt.19:28-29, 1Cort. 15:58, Elija&Elisha in 2kg.2:9-14, 2Tim. 4:7-8.

Fellowship with the right people provide fantastic opportunity for brethren to grow Prov.13:20.

Reward for Hypocrisy in fellowship. 2Kg.5:21-27, Gehazi was to be the next Prophet after Elisha but lost out because of unfaithfulness in fellowship and that landed him in coveteousness and he got leprosy as eternal reward!

Celebrate your true fellowship with God , Jesus and Holy Spirit brethren, as you walk in true fellowship with brethren in Jesus precious name Amen.

Rev. Victor Abba Daniel
Christ holiness Christian Ministry- Kaduna.

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