All Unmovable Must Be moved

July 22, 2018

All Unmovable Must Be moved

Aid to Unmovable Mountain And Way Out

1. Sin: Joshua 7:1-4, Psalm 66:18, Proverbs 14:34, Jeremiah 8:22

  • The closest distance to defeat is the moment of our greatest victory.
  • Overconfidence; when you are overconfident, you might even forget to pray
  • Let us move from sin to righteousness
  • Let’s move from flesh to the spirit. Numbers 23:23

2. Unbelief: Matthew 17:14-20(When sin is present, believing is difficult)

  • Let us have a break through of faith and a break down of unbelief.

Way Out: Isaiah 1:19-20, 2 Kings 5:8-14, Job 22:23

  • Let your obedience be complete.
  • Let us return to the Lord

Soul winning: John 15:16. This is divine truth that cannot be washed away because it is the word of God.

You are not the one converting people but make yourself available like Peter. Luke 5:1-7

Make time, money etc available to him

One thought on “All Unmovable Must Be moved

  1. Bro Joe says:

    Amen. Mind blowing message. Thank you my Reverend for these words. I was richly blessed

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